Friday, February 5, 2016

Surgery Update

What's this?  Three posts in just a couple of weeks!  Wowza!  As I'm sure you already know, Colin had surgery this morning to repair a right inguinal hernia and umbilical hernia and to check out his airway.  We were there bright and early at 6:15am (I had my alarm set for 4:45am and woke up at 4:44am).  Colin was more than happy to be woken up at 5am, he had no idea what he was in for today.  Our biggest concern was how Colin would react to be taken away from us and how he would react when he woke up and we weren't there.  We decided to let them give Colin Versed to calm him down a bit and I will definitely be posting the video I took of him once it started to kick in.  To say he was a little loopy would be an understatement.  He was just fine to be wheeled back into the operating room, he had his binkies so all was well with the world.  About 15-20 minutes later I was called up because his ENT surgeon was on the phone.  We'd never had a phone call before so we were immediately worried, but she was just calling to give us her update instead of coming to see us.  She used the word "fantastic" when describing his airway, no narrowing, no granuloma, no floppiness.  Praise the Lord!!  She said that she wanted to get him into clinic ASAP to discuss decannulation.  I'm hoping we can schedule his sleep study sooner rather than later.  We had already discussed getting his trach out when they believed he was ready and not necessarily having to wait for the spring.  The sooner he gets it out, the sooner his stoma will close and he can start leading a more normal two year old life! I can't even imagine giving him a bath without worrying that water will get into his trach!!

We waited about another hour and a half for the other surgeon. He told us that his part of the surgery went great and he only had to repair the right side.  He gave us his instructions and said that he could pretty much go back to normal activity.  Another 45 minutes of waiting to see our boy and we were brought to the room where he would be monitored and released to go home. We were so glad that he was not crying when they brought him in.  He was still a little out of it so he just laid in the crib and watched Mickey Mouse.  After about an hour, he was doing just fine and they discharged him home. He was a little cranky and still a little loopy, took a nice nap when we got home, and is now acting like his normal self.  He is having issues squatting down to pick something up, experiencing some pain and discomfort. Other than that, he's doing wonderful!  Thank you so much for all the thoughts and prayers!